How do I get access to the automation bot?

This is covered in the relevant section of the instructions page here.

Can I buy the automation bot?

No. We don’t sell an automation bot. It’s available to our teammate who fund 500 USDT or more.

I didn’t fund with 500 USDT initially, but with a smaller amount. Then I compounded to a balance that is over 500 USDT. Can I get access to the automation bot this way?

Yes. The only requirements are that you have 500+ in your account and you are a direct team member.

Can my referrals also have access to the automation bot?

Yes, as long as they are in our direct team and they have funded their account with 500 USDT or more.

Can I run more than one automation script/bot?

Yes. The instructions on how to do this are on the bot set-up instructions page.

Is it mandatory to use a VPS to run the automation bot?

Only if you will be using the DFY install/set-up service. Otherwise, no.

Can I run the automation bot on my local computer?


Why would I use a VPS to run the automation bot if I have a local computer?

Using a VPS allows you to run your automation 24/7 without interruption and without occupying a local computer. This removes the variables for power outages, internet connection interruptions and human errors such as accidentally closing your laptop, or having the kids close the bot program because they were trying to play Minecraft or… whatever. A VPS is no mandatory. You can run the script on a local computer if you choose. However, if you wish to use the done-for-you set-up service that we’ll be implementing soon, you’ll need a VPS account to do that because the tech service guy can’t come to your house to set it up for you. He can only do it virtually.

If I start using the automation script on my local computer, then I want to move to a VPS later will that pose any problems?


Does my Remote Desktop need to stay connected 24/7 in order for the automation bot to work on the VPS?

No. Google “How does a Remote Desktop” work.

My VPS terminal is saying “Timed out” or I’m having some other issue with my VPS, like my Remote Desktop says, “Cannot connect”, etc. What do I do?

Contact Support for the company you bought your VPS from.

Will the automation bot work if my computer is turned off?

Not if you’re trying to run it on that computer. How could it work if the computer if turned off? That’s silly. If you are running the bot on a VPS then your local computer has literally nothing whatsoever to do with the automation bot running. Turn it off, throw it in the lake… doesn’t matter. If your bot is running on a VPS, it’s on a different computer. That’s the point of the VPS.

Will the automation bot work on my phone?

No. It’s a computer program. It runs on a PC. You can use your phone to set it up using a Remote Desktop but this would be a very tedious and frustrating experience I think. I cover how to do this in the set-up videos for the automation bot.

Do I need to stop the automation bot before I withdraw from my COTPS wallet?

In most cases, yes. If you have the “wait time” set wide enough between intervals for the bot to run, you may have enough time to execute a withdrawal between the end of one bot run and the beginning of the next. You can only withdraw funds that are in your “Wallet Balance” so any funds tied up in transactions are not available at that time. If the bot starts running as you’re attempting to withdraw, that will tie up funds as the bot progresses through the transactions. The smart way would be to shut the bot down, then do your withdrawal, then restart the bot.

How do I stop the automation bot?

Close the program, just as you would close any program. Click the “x” at the top of the window.

How do I start the automation bot?

Once it is properly set up, simply double click the file. The set-up instructions are on the Bot Instructions page which you are given access to if you qualify. Qualification is covered on the instructions page here.

I can’t get my Remote Desktop to connect. Can you help me?

No, I am not on staff as a customer support agent for your VPS service, nor do I work for Microsoft. Review the instructions on using Remote Desktop again and if you’re doing it correctly, contact your VPS support staff. That is what they are there for.

I got my access to the Google Drive to get the automation script download but I don’t see the spreadsheets for calculating compounding. Why?

There are no spreadsheets in that drive folder. That is for the automation script. There is a compounding spreadsheet available from the team instructions page.

I’m not on your COTPS team. Can I get access to your automation script?


Why do you not allow people who are not on your team to use your automation script?

Why would I do that? I had to hire the developer, spend all the time to deal with him and clarify what I needed and go back and forth for weeks testing and tweaking. I had to recording all the video for how to use it and set it up. I did that for my team, not for the entire planet Earth. If I let everyone in the world use it, all that happens  is it increases the amount of traffic and questions that I get to the point where I can’t get anything else done. I’m not looking to do free consultation for the entire world. See, giving you the script to use also come with having to show you how to use it, which you would never figure out in a million years on your own. So, giving my resources to anyone who asks results in loading hundreds of times more work upon myself. I’m busy enough trying to help my team. Go out and go to Google and search for “how to automate browser clicks” or “workflow automation software.” Pick one. There are many ways to do this. Or, hire you own developer and have him/her build you what you want. With respect, it’s not my job to create automation software for your business. I do it for my team as a courtesy.

I’m not on your COTPS team. Can I pay you for access to your automation script?

No. Again, that simply adds more work to my list because I had to deal with collecting payment, admin, getting you the script, getting you the instructions, answering your questions, etc. The amount I’d have to charge you to deal with all that would be so much that you’d be better off just hiring a developer to build you what you want. I go the extra mile for my teammate. I bend over backwards to serve them as I would serve my own mother. But I cannot be spending time servicing the entirely of all those involved in COTPS everywhere on Earth.

If I join you in another opportunity or investment deal, then can I use your COTP automation script?

No. Joining through me for another deal has nothing to do with COTP. If I did that, then, again, I’m having to do extra work with admin, instructions and answering questions for people to utilize something that creates no income for me whatsoever. There is also the problem of people then sharing it down the line with their referrals who are not on my team and before you know it I have half the planet using my resources and filling my inbox with questions, eating up my entire day. I’ve tried doing that. It does not work out well. Go build your own bot, or hire someone to do it. There are many services that will allow you to easily record actions on your computer for playback. Just Google “How to automate browser clicks” or something similar.

COTPS Questions

I’m trying to register but I’m not getting the text with the verification code. I can’t seem to proceed. What do I do?

It’s possible that you are in a country that COTP does not serve. Singapore, for example, will not receive any codes. Same with China, Cuba, and a number of other countries. There is no list available. We are learning as we go.

The other possibility is just that there are hundreds of thousands of texts going out from their system per day and sometimes they hang up. The UK, for example, seems to have the most trouble getting text verification for registration. Often this is just a matter of trying again at a later time.

You can also reach out to Customer Support by doing to and clicking the Customer Support icon.

How do I fund my COPTS account?

See the relevant section on the instructions page here, as well as the relevant video in the Help Videos playlist.

What is the minimum amount I can fund to get started?

$9 to COTPS wallet. Keep in mind you’ll need enough to cover the crypto transfer fees so, probably about $10 and change.

How do I withdraw funds from my COTPS account?

See the relevant section on the instructions page here, as well as the relevant video in the Help Videos playlist.

What crypto wallet should use?

See the relevant section on the instructions page here.

How much should I fund to start?

I cannot tell you how to invest. I am not an investment or financial advisor. Make your own decision about what amount, if any, is right for you. Or, consult a financial advisor.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

No. I cannot guarantee anything. Anything can happen… war, crime, business failure, regulatory changes, acts of God, etc. None of us has a crystal ball with which to predict the future. All we have available to see is the past. I’m required to tell you that past performance doesn’t necessarily predict future performance.

How much will I make?

I don’t know. Based on personal observation the trading alone tends to produce about 3% to 3.6% profit daily. This is historical performance, not a prediction of future performance. Everything else is speculation, guessing, hoping, etc. You have to work out for yourself what you think is possible based on your understanding of how the system works. I cannot advise as to future profits for you.

What digital currency is used to fund my COTPS wallet?

USDT, sent via the TRC-20 network. That is the only currency and the only network. Do not attempt to send anything else, via any other network. If you do, it will not arrive.

Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw from COTPS?

You cannot withdraw more than the amount available in your “Wallet Balance.”

Also, there is a per-withdrawal limit of 20,000 USDT but there is no limit on number of withdrawals. If you need to withdraw 2 million USDT in one day, for example, you would have to do 100 separate withdrawals.

How long will COTPS last for?

I don’t know. Somewhere between 40 seconds and 40 years.

How long has the company been around? notes that it started in 2019 and that the current public availability of the website started near the end of 2021. I have no way to verify the correctness of this information.

How do I handle taxes if I make money with this?

Ask a professional tax advisor. I am not a tax advisor.

I saw you using a spreadsheet/compounding calculator in a video. Can I get that spreadsheet to use?

 No exactly. My own spreadsheet has gone through so many changes and has been tweaked to follow my exact earning situation. It would be useless to you as it is. I posted a link to a spreadsheet for our team on the Team Updates page here (Dated 7 April 2022). You will need to watch the video there to understand how to use it. Use it at your own risk.

I am trying to register but I’m not receiving the text verification message. What do I do?

 This happens from time to time for some locations. If a location is not served by COTP they will not get a verification message. Singapore, for example cannot participate. Cuba, and some other countries. But this is not the only reason why that verification message hangs up. Sometimes it’s a network issue. SMS is not perfect, nor does it have 100% delivery. If you are in an area that is served by COTP you’ll just have to try again later. Usually this resolves on it’s own. You can also contact Customer Support.

How to I contact Customer Support for

 Go to and click the “Customer Support” icon.

How long does it take for Customer Service to reply?

 If you continue to refresh the chat each time it disconnects, usually it’s only a few minutes. If you post a question, then the chat disconnects (usually takes 1 to 2 minutes for it to disconnect) before they respond, you can wait for 100 years and you’ll never get an answer. The chat must stay connected otherwise they won’t see it. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 5 minutes for a response but there are times when I have to refresh the page to reconnect the chat.

Referral Program Questions

Where do I find my affiliate/referral link for COTP?

Log in to your COTP account and go to Mine ==> Invite Friends.

How much do I earn for referrals?

This data is on the “Invite Friends” tab within your “Mine” section of your COTPS.COM member area. You earn 15% of your Level 1, 10% of your Level 2 and 5% of your Level 3. The % is calculated on the profit generated by those levels.

How can I find the contact info for the people who enrolled through my link? How do I know who they are?

You don’t. Only the “nicknames” are visible to you. No other contact info is available. If you know the people personally, you can just ask them to tell you after they’ve enrolled. If you have strangers enrolling the only way you will know who they are is if they reach out to tell you. This is why I push everyone through an email opt-in form before I send them to the registration page.

One my referrals has questions that I don’t know the answer to. What do I do?

Send them to the same team instructions page (the one with all the set-up instructions) and tell them to follow the steps. That page also links them to this page.

I accidentally joined through the wrong referrer and was meaning to join someone else. Can I cancel the first one, or change the referrer?

 No. You can create an additional account using a different phone number. If you don’t have a 2nd phone you can get a free personal number from Google Voice at, if you are in a country that is served by Google Voice.

How do I move my referral commissions to my wallet so that those funds can be used for trading?

Go to the “Mine” tab → “My Team” → Lvl 1 → Click “Receive” → Lvl 2 → Click “Receive” → Lvl 3 → Click “Receive.”

If you do not have available commissions for any level the “Receive” button will not be active.

The automation bot/script will do this for you before each transaction run.

Do we earn referral commission when our referrals fund their account?

No. Referral commissions are paid only on profit, not funding amounts. You only earn commission if your people profit.